Is Stress your Reason for not Travelling?

Why do people do not travel? What are the reasons? According to Aglobalstroll, people do not travel because of the following reasons.

• Expensive
• Family does not allow
• Cannot travel alone
• Cannot get off from work
• Fear or stress

What is your reason for not travelling? Is stress your reason for not travelling? Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, travelling should be fun not stressful. Do you remember the anxiety you felt when you travelled for the first time in your life? I still remember how stressed I was. There were so many things that were going on in my mind. Will the plane reach at the connecting airport on time? Will I be able to take my connecting flight? What if I sleep at the connecting airport and miss my flight? Will I be able to get a taxi after reaching my destination? Will I be ever able to come back home? What if I lose my phone, how will I contact my family? Ahhhhh forget it. I will share some travel tips which I have personally experienced and this might be helpful for you too.

Plan your trip
Check the temperature and keep clothes accordingly. Plan your trip based on your itinerary, Visit a City is a very good application to plan your itinerary. Book your hotel online, there are many applications and websites available like TripAdvisor,,, etc.

Don’t rely on your memory when preparing and packing
Make a list of all important things that you might need while travelling. Pack your bag accordingly. Make a list of things to do.

Pack a week before
Do not pack at last minute. Pack your bags at least a week before so that if you have forgotten anything you can pack.

Arrive Early
Your car can break down, you might forget your passport at home, there is a traffic jam, …… anything can go wrong. Be at the airport before time. Try to avoid all unnecessary circumstances that may arise.

Online Check in
Check in your flight online to save your time from long queues.

Expect the unexpected
Expect cancellations, not getting a taxi, cannot find the hotel, late arrival at the airport, missed your connecting flight, lost your ticket, phone or luggage……… anything can happen just be prepared mentally. If you will be stressed in such situations you will just have panic attacks instead relax and think what alternates do you have. Download applications that will help you in finding your solution. Download Uber for Taxi, Google Maps for finding your Hotel, write important phone numbers and keep it safely in different bags, keep copies of passport and tickets in every bag, carry extra cash or card in case you miss your flights. Key to stress free travelling is Relax, Relax, Relax. Be prepared!

A small bag for flight
Keep a small bag in your carry on with all necessary items that you might need for flight like earphones, chewing gum, earbuds, travel pillow, etc.

To avoid hassle of security. Pack your carry on smartly. Pack all your liquids that are less than 100 ml in a plastic bag. I have got beautiful 100 ml bottles from IKEA. If you are carrying laptop, tablet or camera keep it handy. It will be easy to put these things separately in a tray during security check. Wear shoes that are comfortable and easy to remove for quick security check. Try to wear less metal items.

If you have long connecting flights download your own entertainment (TV shows, movies, songs) and carry your favourite books so that you do not get bored.

Never assume that your travelling will be unpleasant. There will be unpleasant days during travelling and rest of the time there will be smooth travelling. If you plan everything before, there will be less hassle and just relax before during and after travelling. If you want to travel and want to know why a person should travel. Read my blog on Why should you Travel? Happy travels 😉

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  1. This is an amazing write up! Being a Traveller myself I know how travelling can change one’s life and lead to a path of self discovery! 🙂 well written aniqua!

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