Homemakers and Working Women: Can’t a Woman mange both the roles?

Homemakers and Working Women: Can’t a Woman mange both the roles?
For years there has been an argument that homemakers are better than working women. Some people think that a homemaker will raise better kids. Every coin has two sides, some people think that working woman can contribute financially.
A homemaker thinks that working woman has liberty to live and a working woman thinks that the homemaker can relax whenever they want. Why do we have these conflicts? Why do we take homemakers or working women for granted? Both have their own priorities.
There are many working women who are great mothers and homemakers. We have great examples of such women who are managing their families with their professional lives. For example, our Pakistani TV celebrities are working even after marriage. Our celebrities no longer believe that married means end of profession. Continuing your profession after getting married or taking a break or completely quitting, it all depends on your priorities. We bring you the list of celebrities who continue to work even today.

1. Ayeza Khan

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2. Nida Yasir

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3. Moomal Sheikh

4. Nadia Hussain

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5. Sanam Jung

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6. Saadia Imam

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7. Syra Shahroz

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8. Sunita Marshall


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9. Sarwat Gillani

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10. Hira Mani

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11. Aamina Sheikh

Pakistani Celebrity Couples Love for Travelling

Travelling alone is the best experience of life but travelling with your better half can be special and full of love. Travelling with your partner can be exciting, fun, enchanting, endearing and entertaining.
Following the trend of Hollywood and Bollywood our Pakistani celebrity couples have also started to travel the world with their loved ones. If you and your special one are planning to travel together then do get inspired by these Pakistani celebrity couples who love to travel together and enjoy their relationship in a different way.

1. Sunita Marshall and Hasan Ahmed

With my better half @hasanahmedofficial ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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2. Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed

Good morning from Chicago ! 😎💕☀️🌎🇺🇸 @farhan_saeed

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3. Muhib Mirza and Aamina Sheikh

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4. Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan


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5. Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah

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6. Syra Yusuf and Shahroz Sabzwari on their honeymoon in Rome

This. Us. Four years ago honeymooning 💕 its crazy how time flies @shahrozsabzwari

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7. Atif Aslam with his wife Sara Atif

#EidMubarak #Aadeez #atifaslam #saraatif

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8. Sana Nawaz and Fakhar Imam in Malaysia

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9. Ali Safina and Hira Tareen

Vacay partner 🤘🏼

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10. Ali Zafar with his wife Ayesha Fazli in Venice

Let there be light and love.

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These couple goals are surely to be followed. So, start travelling with your partner in crime whether locally or internationally.